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Author page: Darinka

Glazes – colours of the rainbow

When a crock is coated with glaze, it is like a woman adjusting - she puts on an evening dress, does make-up, she has a beautiful hair style and everyone is shocked - where did the beautiful famma fatale come from? After all, a while ago there was only mom, wife, housewife,.... The bowl…

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How a bowl is created

Every day, when my fingers itch so much that I can't stand it anymore, I prepare a block of clay, I sit down to the molds and I wonder where it leads me. I'll take the smallest form of a bowl. I fix the surface with anti-sticking foil, cut off a piece of clay and…

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Spiral pattern in pottery

There are many forms, shapes, patterns and techniques used for making objects from clay. The shape of spiral came to me without any conscious process. It just appeared in front of me. I have accepted it for now as my official pattern and all I create is made out of many spirals. In art, the…

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Healing power of clay

Process of life is based on circles. Circles of giving and receiving. Contact with the clay belongs definitely in the second group. To hold, to press, to feel, to shape, to observe, to admire and sometimes also to destroy and to start over. Going through that I find myself closer to me, in a separate…

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