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Glazes – colours of the rainbow

When a crock is coated with glaze, it is like a woman adjusting – she puts on an evening dress, does make-up, she has a beautiful hair style and everyone is shocked – where did the beautiful famma fatale come from? After all, a while ago there was only mom, wife, housewife,….

The bowl or tray took over the force of the heat after the firing. The clay hardened, solidified, its shape is definitive. It is no longer possible to shape it. The crock breathes the heat of the kiln, it has the colour of pigments that visually define it – it is either white, red, black, grey or even a mixture of them all.

Imagine the opportunity to cover him with various beautiful clothes according to your own idea. Do I want a bowl of bright red? Here you go. Or an elegant beige or a cool blue, green with an irregular structure, or perhaps just a transparent glossy surface and admit the crock beneath it? Just use a transparent glaze.

The world of glazes is at your disposal. Being able to play with thousands of combinations is like holding crayons in your hand and painting on paper anything you want.

I create from myself – it emerges something beautiful – colour radiant from nothing and – the look, the shape, the colour is an expression of my inner. It feels like experiencing a rainbow on the sky after a storm. Feeling fresh and full and jolly. Like the colours of the rainbow.

To practise art, no matter how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow. SO DO IT.

Kurt Vonnegut

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